two, ten, eighteen.
hello it's been a while so i'm just gonna do a simple thing okay let's go.
also check out everyone please- they're all so good. or you can do whatever... i just like them a lot.

ricky montgomery

he's the most recent artist i've discovered. i actually only found him yesterday, but i literally can't stop listening to his music. and i just realized how small of an artist he is- there is ONE picture of him on here. so that's why i can't include any of his albums or anything, but that's insane. he's such an amazing musician and he's not even close to having the amount of recognition he deserves, honestly.

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declan mckenna

this boy- just let me tell you. he's incredible. he has two ep's and one album (trust me it's not enough) and they're all just so good. he's such a talented guy, his music is just so amazing and he's so good at what he does.

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fall out boy

please listen to this album it's so amazing. i have nothing to say, because if you've heard a fall out boy song before (i'm sure you have) they speak for themselves, really. this album is just so much more than i was expecting, and i wish i would have listened to it when it came out. it's such a bop.

Image by Jasmine Stanford band, boys, and fall out boy image fall out boy and mania image band, Dream, and emo image


he's a youtuber, and at the beginning of the year he released an album ! it's so calming and beautiful and i'm just really proud of this wholesome boy. his name is robin and he's really sweet, and i think he has a really nice voice, and just a nice vibe in general.

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and now, because i'm losing motivation to work on this;

conan gray

this tumblr, curly haired sunshine (is that weird to say?) has an absolutely beautiful voice. it's so calming and lullaby-like, i love it. he doesn't have an album (yet) but his original songs and covers are just amazing. i honestly can't wait to see what else he has to show us, and i'm so excited for his album.

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the end, for now

i hope you kind of liked this ??
i just did it because i haven't been on here much and i really wanted to write something. i also wanted to introduce you to some amazing people, but there are plenty more i'd like to introduce you to, so maybe i'll make another one of these !
here's links to everyone's music, i hope you can bop to them like i am atm. c:



fall out boy:



also, sorry if there's any mistakes or anything, i just did this as a quick little thing.
see u soon !
-soph ☀