Hey you 90s lovers! If you are one of those who loved the grunge style of the 90s but do not know how to get the fashion look, I am here to help! I have 3 looks for you to rock, what stores to get the pieces, and where to wear them.

1. The Kurt Cobain look

kurt cobain, grunge, and nirvana image

-Get a stripe long sleeve (H&M, Forever 21)
-Boyfriend jeans or Mom jeans and cuff the bottoms (H&M, thrift stores)
-Combat boots or messy high top converse/ vans (Forever 21, Vans, Converse)

This outfit is perfect for school and hanging out with friends

2. The Craft look

The Craft, 90s, and grunge image

-Black Leather Jacket (Forever 21, H&M, Charlotte Ruse)
-Little black dress (Forever 21) make sure it is well fitted
-black stockings or knee high socks (Walmart, Forever 21)
-Combat boots (Forever 21, Target)
-choker (Forever 21, Charlotte Russe)

This look is perfect for a casual date and hanging out with friends

3. Messy skater girl

grunge, 90s, and skate image

-Dark colored worn out flannels (Thrift stores)
-Boyfriend Jeans (H&M)
-High waisted Jeans (Forever 21, H&M, thrift stores)
-Band tee (Forever 21, thrift store, H&M, Amazon)
-Messy converse (Converse)
-Combat boots (Forever 21, Target)

Perfect for a lazy day at school and the movies

I hope this gave you guys some ideas of outfits to recreate! For you daily 90s inspiration follow my 90s collection below or follow me on instagram @90sbaabe