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Talking about yourself is never easy, but other articles have inspired me to do it. I will show you my passions, secrets and stupidities, I hope you love doing one too

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~My personality~

girl, juno, and quotes image whatever, Clueless, and quotes image cartoon, buttercup, and mood image black and white, girl, and indie image that's so raven, funny, and raven image bubble, cats, and kitty image


white, donuts, and coffee image book, jeans, and grunge image girl, friends, and jeans image boho, dior, and diy image pizza, couple, and movie image converse, car, and shoes image


harry potter, hogwarts, and book image love, sad, and movie image book, narnia, and movie image mean girls, quotes, and movie image black swan, ballet, and natalie portman image Marvel, captain america, and iron man image invisible, quotes, and Anne Hathaway image alice, alice in wonderland, and disney image

~Tv Show~

stranger things, 80s, and vintage image disney, Stanford, and wendy image james, Alyssa, and teotfw image ugly, Daria, and grunge image game of thrones image monster, american horror story, and quotes image friends, rachel, and monica image homer, the simpsons, and funny image


food and pizza image chocolate, food, and pancakes image cupcake, food, and yummy image Mature image ice cream, food, and rose image food, coffee, and chocolate image food, burger, and hamburger image amazing, food, and photo image


dog, cat, and animal image black and white, gif, and indie image giraffe, animal, and friends image dolphin, ocean, and animal image animal, animals, and awww image pig, animal, and tutu image


house, luxury, and design image iphone, travel, and sky image bag, fashion, and desk image skydiving, sky, and friends image book, reading, and light image car, luxury, and expensive image clothes, shoes, and style image harry potter, hogwarts, and drink image


zayn malik and zayn image one direction, Harry Styles, and niall horan image gif, Queen, and rihanna image miley cyrus, outfit, and red carpet image sam smith and singer image red image


fashion, style, and outfit image fashion, outfit, and style image beauty, chic, and fashion image girl, hair, and hat image converse, fashion, and shoes image bag, gucci, and loafers image


book and harry potter image book, the mortal instruments, and city of bones image book, the little prince, and stars image cozy, moment, and game of thrones image books image art, books, and peter pan image


anime, dedication, and girl image song, music, and favorite image feminism and feminist image love, peace, and lgbt image

Thank you for reading this article, and be interested in knowing a little more about me. This is the most relevant, there are many things that I did not put in because I did not want them to fall asleep...

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Maybe do a "Myself in pictures" part 2, who knows...* Dramatic output *

If you arrive here, THANK YOU! Taking the time to read another of my articles means a lot to me and inspires me to continue writing. Always remember to smile and give kindness to the world. xx