Dear you,
I admit, you were the best I've ever had. You made colors pop and made me smile. But in a breakup, ones always relived and the other is heartbroken. You were probably the relived one... I think about you a lot. Of all the things that could've been. I think of the first kiss you gave me, it was just phenomenal... Ugh fine, I miss you at times but then I think "he left me stop thinking about him" but how? You were the one thing that made me happy... you were the one thing that made me excited to start the day.
Now... you're with her.. making her smile, I'm happy for you, I think..
When I see yall together it slowly breaks me seeing you two laughing and smiling more, until I snap out it. I told myself "if I love him... I need to let go.. if he loves me like I love him ill know"
But I guess ill never know... I'm just your old chapter in your book but I'm glad I was apart of it.

~ Your old chapter.