I used to get so mad when adults said "You are so young you have so much to live for" I always felt like it was a way to invalidate my feelings I thought that was a way of telling me that my problems were not a big deal or that the worst was yet to come, but now I think it's a beautiful thing to tell someone, Yes I am young signifying that I have plenty of time to heal, learn and grow and there's so many people to meet, places to go, food to try out, things to buy , dreams, goals and plans to achieve, I used to think that this was the happiest I could ever be but now that I'm single and all that a sense of of hope has returned to my life, I am happy because I feel free, I'm happy that my time, my happiness, my sadness and achievements are all in my hands.
Sometimes the hard times don't allow us to see the bigger picture, hard times can last hours, days, months sometimes years, but everyone has in their power the tools to turn things around that's what I've been discovering lately and want to continue to learn and achieve.

Last time's playlist was connected by lyrics this time the songs have a sound in common, this is a mix of super sugary pop, electro, kpop, jpop, dreampop, etc.

Hope you enjoy!

here is the link:


Sugar Rush songs :

Baila mi corazón - Belanova

"We are not playing around, I can see that, In love's russian roulette we have to win"
Inspiring Image on We Heart It kawaii, pastel, and pink image accesories, fashion, and kawaii image accesories, kawaii, and cute image

Oh! - Girl's Generation

"Hey oppa look at me, please stare at me a bit, for me this style of talking is a first, I did my hair, and I put on makeup too"
pink, pale, and skirt image pink, aesthetic, and neon image girl, kawaii, and pink image beauty, cosmetics, and japanese image

Magic girl - Orange Caramel

"How much do you like me? As high as the stars in the sky? As much salt there is in the sea? Does it feel as filled as that?"
kawaii and cute image cupcake, food, and sweet image pastel, colorful, and food image color, girl, and pastel image

Gourmandises - Alizeé

"When you're thinking of me, you, the steppenwolf, deep inside of you do you feel the drunkenness, I'm so hungry of you, you say it non-stop"
candy, sweet, and food image love, candy, and pink image lollipop, stars, and candy image colorful image

Lipslap - Kero Kero Bonito

"I can't hear you cause this beat is taking over, I'm not one to lip-read and you don't come with subtitles, you sure talk the walk into your walkie-talkie, but you can't keep a secret and you never get a word in"
80s, bag, and girly image kawaii, japan, and drink image carebears, dolls, and kawaii image Image by Regina

Eh, Eh - Lady Gaga

"Cherry cherry, boom boom, GaGa, Boy we've had a real good time and I wish you the best on your way, eh, I didn't mean to hurt you I never thought we'd fall out of place, eh eh"
fashion, red, and boots image alcohol, black, and bloody image milkshake, cherry, and food image girl, heart, and red image

Trampoline - Kero Kero Bonito

"First you fall down then you jump back up again, find your rythm momentum is the key its so easy anyone can trampoline"
aesthetic, bedroom, and lights image blue, shoes, and light image mermaid and pearls image nails image

Hola - Miranda

" Hello. hey, how you doing? what a lame phrase I'm gonna use to talk to you, when in the distance I hear a gong I know that you are there, and one way or another you are falling for me"
girl, ulzzang, and asian image Inspiring Image on We Heart It red, girl, and heart image gif image

Flamingo - Kero Kero Bonito

" Black, white, green or blue, show off your natural hue, flamingo oh oh oh, if you are multicolored thats cool too, you don't need to change it's boring being the same, flamingo oh oh oh, you're pretty either way"
rainbow, lgbt, and colors image pink, animal, and flamingo image glitter and rainbow image Image by kawaii kanye west

Harajuku Iyahoi - Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

" i was looking for something that would give my life meaning, something bright, that my sky would stop being gray and be filled with color"
japan and AKIHABARA image japan, pink, and sakura image accessories, animals, and background image anime, color, and kawaii image

Rookie - Red Velvet

" How much longer are you gonna make me wait? come a little closer"
flowers, wallpaper, and pastel image drink, aesthetic, and flowers image hair, pink, and tumblr image pastel, pink, and skirt image

TT - Twice

" The more I try to push you away, the more I'm drawn to you and attracted to you"
Abusive image manga, black, and aesthetic image tumblr, flowers, and grunge image girl, flowers, and aesthetic image

Fifty Sixty - Alizeé

"You act like an icon in front of a nikon"
heart, pink, and earrings image food image cute, hello kitty, and kawaii image pink, flowers, and aesthetic image

No hay tiempo - Meteoros

"Hours fly by, they never wait for me, I'm one step back, sometimes I reach them I can almost feel them and they scape again, I need more time"
pastel, pink, and aesthetic image flowers and pink image girl, kawaii, and lips image

Cada que - Belanova

" And every single time I think of you my heart lights up"
city, kawaii, and pale image heart, neon, and red image Image by Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Image removed

Catallena - Orange caramel

" The small dancing Catallena, without knowing I'm falling for you, chic and proud Catallena, I'm bewitched, oh my, she's so great, I've fallen for her, even as a girl I can see she's so great, she's temperamental but I want to see her, I want to know her, I want to dance with her"
mermaid, purple, and green image food, japan, and sushi image

Tsukematsukeru - Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

" Cause it's cute I wear false lashes"
decora, girl, and kawaii image aesthetic, baby girl, and pastel image bag, soft grunge, and kawaii image gif image

Pop it - Anamanaguchi

"Pop It like a wheelie should, I'm up on your mind feeling pretty good"
Image by kawaii kanye west pink, sailor moon, and cute image kawaii and japanese cosplay girl image rainbow, colors, and neon image

Barbie girl - Aqua

"Life in plastic is fantastic"
blue, friends, and aesthetic image fashion image colorful, bracelet, and colors image blue, grunge, and glasses image

Candy Candy - Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

"In my desk, my pocket and my bag, I always have them, wich one shall I choose?"
bracelet, heart, and pearls image japan, pastel, and playground image accesories, bow, and cherry image candy, music, and dress image

Forever summer holliday - Kero Kero Bonito

"Hey let's go, the sunshine says hello, the weather's lookin fine to grab an ice cream cone"
flowers, pink, and japan image food, ice cream, and summer image pink, nails, and anime image cafe, hello kitty, and kawaii image

Have a wonderful day!