Hello beautiful! My name is Meg, and in this article I am here to talk with you a little bit about confidence. :)

I cannot say I am the most confident person, but I’m working on it.

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“Coffee in one hand, confidence in the other.”

☆ Benefits of being confident:

Will it even pay off? The answer is yes. If people see you smiling and being positive, you will seem much more approachable and friendly. This is a way to make friends and meet people. :)

☆ How to look confident:

Rather than slinking down and hiding, or just walking with a straight face, try smiling. Roll your shoulders back, stand up straight, & smile. Waving, greeting, and making eye contact with people is a bonus.

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She is smiling and standing straight, something you can do, too!

Even though this article was short, I hope you can take something from it and become a more confident person. It was written for #TheSmileProject, an amazing project created by an even more amazing person named Kaylee. If you are interested in learning more, links will be left below. :D Have a fantastic day, unique human! ♡

Creator of #TheSmileProject
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