we were kids when we first met. you seemed so important to me but i thought i was nothing to you. you were my brother's friend so i thought you only ever came over to see him. there always seemed to be something i could never figure out about you. the way you would hold me when it was cold but never give me your jacket. the way you held my hand as we walked to the park but never explained what that meant. the way you put your head on mine while mine rested on your shoulder but never took your eyes off my brother.

none of this made sense at the time but you texted me a month ago saying you cared.

i had posted about how a boy was slowly breaking my heart and you asked, "who baby?" that was the most you've ever shown to care. i told you how this boy was using me and you said he shouldn't matter and that it was going to be okay. i could see you smiling as you typed out "but i honestly do care, you seem like a puzzle piece in my life that i'm willing to live with" when i said that it was my problem and you probably didn't care. you said you could help me take my mind off it and asked me out. i asked what i did to deserve you and you said you should be the one to ask. you said you feel like you never showed me the love i deserve and you want to start sooner rather than later. i pray you are the one to show me that not all boys are jerks and that there are decent people out there.

baby, right now you are my only happiness