Valentines Day is a day where we cherish the fellow loved one's in our life,whether your celebrating it with your brothers or sisters, mom or dad, wife or husband, boyfriend or girlfriend, friends and all, it doesn't matter as long as your celebrating with somebody that means something to you.
Throughout life I thought that Valentine's day was just a day that you get presents and chocolate for no reason, a day that can be used as an excuse in order to go out with somebody who you really like, a day where people get laid by somebody by whom they like and or have some kind of feelings towards.
It's only since two years ago that I realize what the true meaning of Valentines Day is, throughout my life I was alone, I had nobody in life to love romantically, nobody ever bought me flowers, or jewelry, or huge bears from Costco, I never got any of that stuff, which really hurt me when I was growing up, I thought that nobody liked me, I always saw people around my apartment getting chocolates and Valentines day cards, everyone got something except me, I was the one kid around the apartment that was always alone on Valentines Day, the one who would cry their eyes out on Valentines Day, sometimes I even said that I would like to sit around and die on Valentines Day, I was really dramatic around that time and didn't even understand the importance of it.

When I was younger I failed to realize that although the kids in my apartment never got me anything my parent's always brought me a small boxes of chocolates, sometimes a bear, and I always picked myself a single flower from the planters around my apartment, I failed to realize what Valentines was really about and what it meant to be, I never understood until two Valentines Day's ago what Valentines Day is really about, what I should be feeling and whom I should be spending it with, I finally realized it and smiled brightly.
I realized that Valentines Day does not revolve around two people who love each other romantically, I realized that it's not about presents and chocolate and flowers, I have come to realize that on this day people cherish those who mean something to them, it doesn't have to be in a romantic way, it can be anybody that you care about, it could be family, friends, boyfriend, girlfriend, cousins, husband, wife, neighbor, or even grandparents, It doesn't matter who, as long as it's somebody who you enjoy being around, somebody who has value to you, somebody whom means something to you.
It's been two years since I came to finally realize what it really means, and for those two years I've spent my Valentines Day with my family, even without having friends or a boyfriend, I have enjoyed Valentines Day just the way it is, me and my family just hang out around Valentines Day now, my parent's do leave on Valentines Day and go on their date but despite that we all have a good Valentines Day.
Now I have a boyfriend since half way through December, me and him are very happy together and love to spend time with each other, but despite me having a boyfriend and Valentines Day coming up in four days we have no planes on spending the day together, even if we did now we can't, I had an issue with my grades for this report card for school so I am in trouble and can't do stuff with him after school, so I'm gonna spend Valentines Day at home with family as I do my homework, It's not what I wanted to be doing a day such as Valentines Day but I guess there will always be next Valentines Day, and many more to come, I guess I'll have better luck getting a date for Valentines Day next year, for now I will just be happy and look forward to the future of Valentines Day.