When Cupid Falls In Love

Always playing with feelings, cupid was your disater or your salvation.

Another thing, cupid is not a lot like a blonde baby with diaper flying and with his love arrows.no

She is more like the girl with pinky hair, who always is too cute with her expressions, using the glasses she always see the tumblr girls wear, but she doesn’t need the glasses.

Be cupid is boring, the only she does is handle the love people felt, shes not even good at make another people fall in love with each others, she always make a disaster.

She was doing a tantrum, kicking like the little girl who was not when she saw him for first time.

Black hair,tattoos and skin like sugar.

She stay with opened mouth, when the little friends of them,the cupid helpers, or the lonely momo squad were worried, another love did make a disaster, but was more scary see cupid, smiling and cheering.

The little lonely momo squad dint knew ehat was going on, but they knowed was something too overwhelming and scary that the pinky hair girl told.

Im gonna marry that guy.

Ok, maybe in the cliché love storys the opposites attract, but they are cliché for something, opposites is soo damn weird and hard that fall in love with each other,maybe one day rabbits fly afther that happened in real story.

According for the same rules you gave us cupid -told one of the little momo squad- no one here can fall in love and have a relationship with a simple human

Fuck rules, that,guy, I felt love, Heidi, isn’t that how the butterfly in stomach are sign of feeling? told the pinky hair girl.

The little momo squad looked each other, waiting for the pinky hair girl told them was a joke.

Clary,find all about him, if he still looking in her ex’s profile, who was him first love and kiss,if he is fluff or dark, all.

The little momo squad didn’t knowed something,more than that was gonna be the biggest disaster ever.

(this is part 1 fghdiujvbh)