Who doesn't love Disney movies? I don't think I'll ever outgrow them no matter how old I get and no matter how many people tell me I'm too old to watch them! So today's article is all about Disney movies and the landmarks and places that served as part of inspiration behind them! Hope all you Disney lovers enjoy!

1. Nueschwanstein Castle-Germany (Sleeping Beauty)
-Walt Disney himself visited this castle and it inspired him to create the castle where Aurora, from sleeping beauty sleeps. It's a gorgeous and beautiful castle with amazing architecture and I hope to see it for myself one day!

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2. Notre-Dame Cathedral-Paris (Hunchback of Notre Dame)
-Completed in 1345, it inspired Victor Hugo who made it the home of Quasimodo in his 1831 novel, re-popularized by Disney in 1996.

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3. Taj Mahal-India (Aladdin)
-Completed in 1653, it provided the inspiration for Sultan's palace in the movie Aladdin although the movie has an Arabian, not Indian setting.

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4. Mont-Saint Michel-France (Tangled)
-The makers of the movie Tangled took inspiration from France's Mont-Saint-Michel when creating the city of Corona in the movie Tangled!

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5. Chateau De Chambord-France (Beauty and the Beast)
-The movie Beauty and the Beast was heavily inspired by Chateau de Chambord in France's Loire Valley. The castle's roof is of particular interest.

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6. Forbidden City-China (Mulan)
-Today the Forbidden City in Beijing, China is a popular tourist destination. However, visiting the site used to be forbidden because it used to be the residence of the emperors of the Ming and Qing dynasties.

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7. Chillon Castle-Switzerland (The Little Mermaid)
-Prince Eric's castle in the movie The Little Mermaid was inspired by Chillon Castle on the banks of Lake Geneva in Switzerland. Occupied since 1536, it is also featured in the poem the prisoner of Chillon.

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8. Eilean Donan Island-Scotland (Brave)
-A team from Disney traveled to the Scottish Highlands to carry out research for the movie Brave and Eilean Donan Castle provided the inspiration for the Royal Palace in the film.

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9. Machu Picchu-Peru (The Emperors New Groove)
-Built by emperor Pachacuti around 1440, it provided the inspiration for the Village of Pacha in the Emperors New Groove. Kuzco also bears a strong resemblance to Cuzco where Machu Picchu is located.

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10. Alcazar of Segovia-Spain (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs)
-Construction began on the Castle in 1120, it is raised high above a rocky terrain, and has a distinctive shape that resembles the bow of a ship. It also inspired the castle in Snow White.

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11. Big Ben-London (Peter Pan)
-In the animated version in 1953, Peter takes the Darling Children flying through the sky of England's capital and they stop to catch their breath on the roof of Big Ben.

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12. Louisiana-United States (Princess and the Frog)
-from the French Quarter and bayou of New Orleans to the Mississippi Delta, various iconic locations in Louisiana features prominently in the movie Princess and the Frog.

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