something I thought of watching the symphony mv by clean bandit
we wait in silence
for news bound to come
you know when they got there
you felt it in your heart
a single pang of hurt
revealing everything you fear
the one person you love is gone
only surviving by memories

the only issue
is that memory fades
sadness slowly disappearing
and the love you lost
will a blur in the back of your mind
not fully dissolved
but not fully there

the love you had isn't gone
and you aren't forgetting them
you are letting them go
slowly moving on
finding that same love you had
in someone else

grief is apart of life
it comes in all different shapes
and all different sizes
it can eat you up
from the inside out
the pain will subside

and eventually
you'll be fine
holding onto those same memories
and making new ones
as you go along

please don's steal this