This is my first article and I have seen that these kind of articles are kinda popular to do right now. Since I enjoy reading these myself I think it would be kind of fun to do one myself. Here comes some questions and answers, pls enjoy <3

1. Coffee or tea?

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Tea! I love tea and green tea is my favorite! I don't even drink coffee at all anymore.

2. Winter or summer?

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I got to say summer on this, I really like the snow in the winter but I can't stand the cold.

3. Tattoos or piercings?

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4. Curly hair or straight hair?

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It really depends, can I say wavy?

5. Dogs or cats?

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6. Leather or denim?

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Denim, for sure!

7. Drawings or paintings?

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Paintings, but I like drawings too.

8. Orange juice or apple juice?

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Orange juice, I actually hate apple juice.

9. Long hair or short hair?

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10. Early bird or night owl?

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I have always been a night owl but in recent time I have begun to appreciate the mornings as well.

11. Chocolate or vanilla?

chocolate, food, and drink image food, donuts, and chocolate image
CHOCOLATE, no doubt!

12. Hugs or kisses?

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Both, but I have to say that kisses from my loved one wins!

13. Wine or beer?

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Wine, rosé

14. Sneakers or high heels?

shoes and white image shoes, fashion, and pink image Image by i m p e r f e c t i o n gold, grey, and old skool image

15. Silver or gold?

hair, blonde, and earrings image jewelry, silver, and minimal image rings, gold, and hand image nails, white, and rings image
Both, it depends!

16. Dancing or singing?

dance, art, and hair image girl, black, and hair image ballet, passion, and dance image

17. Breakfast or dinner?

beach, fashion, and fruit image food, aesthetic, and autumn image food, avocado, and healthy image breakfast, bed, and food image
Breakfast! I really am a breakfast-person!

18. Bath or shower?

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Bath, with a bath bomb!