Yo Guys,

this is my 1st article and I wanna use it to show you my kind of good Music.

so, here are my TOP TEN fav´ Rock Songs :-)
Enjoy it & keep rocking :-D !!

1.) The Cranberries - Zombie
i think this song will always have a special meaning for me

2.) Midnight Oil - Beds are burning
this was my favourite song in my childhood and i cant explain you how thankful i am now that i could find it with the help of the amazing Internet

3.) Guns´n´Roses - Dont cry
this song is literally touching my heart

4.) Scorpions - always somewhere
i listened to this song when the love of my life left me

5.) Pantera - Cemetary Gates

6.) Marilyn Manson - Sweet dreams
yes, hes a Psycho but his Music leaves me speechless every time again

7.) Motorhead - One more fucking time

8.) Pantera - Primal Concrete Sledge
definitely sex for the ears

9.) Nirvana - heart shaped box
gone, but never forgotten. my babe kurt

10.) Metallica - the unforgiven 3
from all 3 versions, this one is the fucking best