Hi guys,

In this article you will read a few tips based on being happy. I know that those '' down days '' will always be there, but to reduce these days I wrote 6 tips. Let's get started.

1. Love Yourself
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This one is very important. You can't expect others to love you if you do not love yourself. Think about how great, beautiful, talented and unique you are. There is only ONE of you. If you do something wrong, forgive yourself. If you feel down, take a day off from everything. You must come first.
2. Eat Healthy
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Yes, the basic tip for becoming happy is eating healthy. How many times did you regret eating fast food? Eat more fruits and vegetables, drink more water and you will feel much better.
3. Exercise
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I am not saying that you should get up now and exercise for 2 hours straight, NO. What I mean by exercise is just start with 10 - 15 minutes of doing stretches. Yoga is also a great option. Just lay a yoga mat and calm yourself. Exercise should be fun.
4. School
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I know a lot of you are thinking now school and happiness can't be combined. It can if you make it. See school as a ‘’learning station’’. I hope that make sense. Learning is fun. How many times did you feel great when you knew the answer to the question asked by the teacher? Do your homework. Prepare before each class. Trust me this will make everything easier and you will feel great.
5. Declutter
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Declutter EVERYTHING. Your clothes, phone, room, kitchen, everything you own. You will feel much better when you throw out the things you do not like, wear or use. This includes people. Throw does toxic people out. YOU DESERVE BETTER.
6. Self-care
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I recommend choosing one or two days in which you will only take care of yourself. Make tea/coffee, put on a mask, lay back and relax, watch TV series, do what makes you happy. You need a day off. I would suggest days like Friday or Sunday.

These are the 6 tips. This is my first article and if you have any suggestions message me. Have a great day :)