I have to admit - I am a mad traveller! So, here is a short list of top 5 the most amazing countries. But, of course, it is only my view, and anyway it is up to you where to travel, but please, explore the world :)

5. Canary islands (Spain)

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These islands is so cool, only the nature is able to drive you crazy.

4. Portugal

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Bright Lisbon and endless ocean - isn't it a perfect combination for total relaxation?

3. Singapore

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The state and the city, located in Asia, is a unique place for sure. Singapore is perfect in sense of perfection, sometimes strange and unforgettable.

2. France

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All tales where wonders is happening could be in France. You have already know everything about romantic Paris, if you see it once, you will not die, but live furher with good memories ;)

1. Italy

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It is my love for centries, and no more words - the air in Italy is full of something that maybe calls beauty with great power....