Let me think that you love me how I am.~ Andjeli. R

There goes our relationship, friendship and reputation, on a dark and black road where never was a little bit of light. I thought you accept me how I was. Was our relationship worth my death?

I never thought I could love someone so much and that someone could love me so much too while I was perhaps the most insecure girl in the world. We just like the moon and the stars. We made and did things that I will never do but I've never had so much regret of something.

At a point it felt like I had nothing more to offer you. With this feeling you break me more than I already was. I wasn`t longer enough for you. In the time that I tried, you killed me in the worst way you can think of.

You never accepted me how I was. Was that why you did this to me?

I'm sorry you wasted your time on a insecure girl.

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- Andjeli

My last article: She is lost in her sadness Thank u so muchh guys for more than 100 hearts xox