Hey guys! I saw someone else posting a lookbook article, and wanted to do the same. Hope you all like it 🖤


fashion, girl, and style image fashion, vans, and jeans image fashion, girl, and grunge image
This is always a long day for me, so i want to be as comfortable as possible. Baggy jeans and a jacket is the perfect outfit for that.


fashion, style, and outfit image backpack, space, and bag image red, fashion, and shoes image
A beautiful day for a dress, booties and a cute backpack, for me it's still too cold to wear cute dresses, but the warm weather is coming!


zendaya image nike, black, and music image yellow, aesthetic, and tumblr image pink, adidas, and tumblr image
On this day I have P.E. so a sporty outfit is key for me!


black, body, and dark image Image by Kristaq Riste Lico aesthetic, black, and coffee image
I love to put some edge in my style, and a leather jacket is perfect for this.


fashion, outfit, and girl image fashion, pink, and aesthetic image ️lorde, tumblr, and melodrama image red, vintage, and retro image
The end of the (school)week, i love a weird jacket and often use it as a fashion statement.

I hope you liked it! Have a Beautiful day