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So today I wanted to show you some trics/trends you could use that you might like. There are two differrent results you can achieve after having your make-up done; either you put too much on and it turns out to look bad & like if you're trying too hard or it can look amazing. So, how to get the wow-effect and do it right? The golden rule is "better less than more". Make-up isn't there to transform you in a totally different person so no one will recognize you. No, with make-up you underline your beauty. You are perfect the way you are!

Let's start with the skin; your skin doesn't have to be flawless. Every living person on this planet has shaddows, freckles, light & dark parts on their face. This is natural and beautiful. So don't clap foundation on your whole face, it doesn't look natural, more like a doll. Especially if you have problems with your skin - with foundation you'll make it worse!

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Now on to the lip trend. There's one I really like; it is called the lip stains. It doesn't only look cute, it even gives you a young, cool, fresh and spontaneous look. First you put on your lips concealer to give it a nice base & afterwards in the middle of your lips a bright lipstick colour to accentuate it. From there you just blend it from the middle to the edges. This look reminds me a bit as if you bit on your lips or ate some berries:)

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The other trend I wanted to introduce to you is the Aegyo Sal (translated; cute/nice skin). The Aegyo Sal is actually the skin part right beneath you eye. Certainly you have seen it, when people smile. It makes your eyes look young, bigger and laughing. There are so ways to make this by filling with plastic surgery or by stickers you put on your face. But you can accomplish the same effect by drawing; make light shaddows where the bump (right beneath your eye) & dark where the shaddows fall.

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