Hello everyone! I will share the best Valentine's day gift ideas for you and me:)

- for your girlfriend
- for your boyfriend


1- Home

brides, wedding, and heart image

Show your love to her on the wall!

cat, pillow, and meow image

I meow you ...

decor, home, and home decor image

hello, my mermaid..

mouth image

I wanna eat you :)

2- T-shirts

Image by PineLemon

Don't Break The Heart That Loves You

celebrities, eyelashes, and lashes image

I love your eyelashes,

fashion, stem, and t-shirts image


3- Dresses

dresses, tatoo, and love image

your heart is her tattoo

4- Bags

bags, pink, and pouch image

Shine like a rose

bags, etsy, and canvas bags image


5- Stickers and Postcards

brides, wedding, and heart image

love stick

brides, wedding, and heart image

hang your love

aesthetics, funny, and quote image

I know, you like jokes:)

6- Accessories

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Hi! Mrs. Lover

notebook and phone image

write love everywhere

hologram, mugs, and neon image



1- Home

black and love image

DARK lover!

heart image

Love O'Clock

2- T-shirts

brides, wedding, and heart image

http://rdbl.co/2nQOKZJ My Love For You is Symmetrical

hoodies, tshirts, and wanderlust image

wanderlust lover

fashion, hoodies, and horse image


3- Hats

bride, etsy, and husband image

Hey, Mr. Lover

caps, celebrity, and fashion image

my love is bigger than my heart

etsy, gift, and hat image

endless Love

4- Bags

brides, wedding, and heart image

I love your mustache

brides, wedding, and heart image

i love you with all your imperfections

brides, wedding, and heart image

my love for you have no bugs!

brides, wedding, and heart image

I love you with every ounce of my being

brides, wedding, and heart image

I'm your biggest fan

5- Stickers and Postcards

anatomy, cards, and love image

The anatomy of my heart

greetings, lips, and postcards image

kiss you

6- Accessories

alpaca, black, and llama image

Hello Llama

black, mugs, and travel mug image

For the Love of Watercolor

black, mugs, and tumblr image

black marble

berets, caps, and beanies image


bears image

You are my teddy bear

for more;



That's all for now! 😄