Valentine’s Day has finally arrived and many across the world are either thrilled or hate the thought or sight of seeing couples together. Valentine’s Day doesn’t necessarily have to be for couples, you can make it for you too!


You can do things for yourself just as your future partner would. Taking a trip to the nail salon or getting pampered by a masseuse can make this day much easier for anyone. Scheduling a mini staycation for the day is also great if you just want to get away and spend time to yourself and there is nothing wrong with that at all. Make a trip the grocery store and buy yourself your favorite bottle of wine, grab some candles, maybe some milk bath essentials and have a relaxing soak in the tub for the night.

Have a bestie that’s single too? You guys can get together and binge watch Netflix! Grab lunch or go out to dinner. Remember, whatever you plan to do make sure you have fun; Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be dreadful.  Down below is short list of what you can do for Valentine’s Day, no significant other needed.

For yourself:
Spa Day
Take the day off
Grab a Latte
Get a Makeover
Dating app? Send a Happy Valentine’s Day message or plan to meet for the night. (You may never know what can be in your favor) 😊

For the group:
Movie Night
Breakfast, lunch or dinner
Girls or Guys Night In
Mini Vacation
Night out in the City