It’s already February and we have already set our goals and resolutions for 2018!
Every year we try our best to be better and live the life we have dreamed. This is also my belief, we owe it to our selves to learn from the mistakes we have already made and become better people.
Apparently I’m not referring to the things we all say, like we are gonna start working out this year, or quit junk food etc, I’m writing about all the thoughts we have made and everything we want to accomplish, even if it’s something small like reading a book every month or something that really matters like finding a new job or apartment.
When we make our decisions and start working on our goals we should remember that nothing will be accomplished in a night, we have to chase our dreams, make sacrifices and try really hard because deep inside we know that we are capable to achieve our goals.
For me the first step is to actually believe that I can have what I’m dreaming and I will try every single day to achieve my goals.
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