➳ Hello, this is my first article! This is basically all the books and series I plan on reading in 2018. These vary from different genres and authors. Without further ado here:

➳ The Chronicles of Narnia { series }

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➳ Fangirl

books, pdf, and best book image art, book, and fashion image

➳Eleanor and Park

books, entertainment, and fall image books, eleanor and park, and rainbow rowell image

➳ Lord of the rings { series }

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➳ Everything Everything

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➳ The Ultimate Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

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➳ The Count of Monte Christo

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➳ A series of Unfortunate events { series }

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➳ A school of Good and Evil { series }

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➳ The Da Vinci code

books, conspiracy, and cool image yellow, aesthetic, and grunge image

➳ Demigods and Magicians

books, percy jackson, and rick riordan image

➳ Aristotle and Dante discover the secrets of the universe

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➳ The Sun and her Flowers

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➳ Astrophysics for people in a hurry

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➳ One thousand and One Nights

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➳ Ready Player One

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➳ Simon vs the homo sapiens agenda

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➳ How to be an Explorer of the World

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➳ Note to self

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➳It's kind of a funny story

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➳ The Night Circus

book, books, and cover image aesthetic, books, and circus image

➳ The next thing on my list

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➳ Almost Adulting

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➳ The Great Gatsby

book, rainbow, and reading image black and white, everything, and life image

➳ Let It Snow

book, winter, and coffee image book, books, and christmas image

➳ Quidditch through the ages

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➳ The improbable theory of Ana and Zak

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➳ The book thief

book and coffee image book, coffee, and cozy image

➳ How to be a Parisian

book, pale, and bambi image boho, fashion, and grunge image

➳ Ink and Bone

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This is my current list but it is always expanding so I might keep updating.