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Brat prince

Ivy walked the empty halls of the fancy castle. Fairies. Yeah right! She wasn't a ten-year-old little girl anymore. How could Azaleia actually believe she would buy all that crap. Did she take her as a lighthearted fool?

Anger started to build up in her head. This wasn't supposed to be happening. Things like this didn't just happen. She remembered thinking how boring her life had been just the morning before. Now she would give anything to just go back to her boring normal life.

She took a turn to right from the main hallway. Her bare feet started to feel cold against the stone floor and the hunger in her stomach started to lift its head. When she turned another corner she faced a big stairway going up and down. For a few moments she just stood there pondering on which way to go.

Finally she decided to go down. It didn't really matter which way she went.

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The stairs felt to go on forever. Huge stone steps that led down into the darkness. When she reached the bottom she was quite sure she was underground. The air felt heavier and the atmosphere was more intense. She was about to turn back when a heavenly smell found its way to her.

She breathed in the delicious smell of freshly baked bread and melting butter. She couldn't just walk away from a home made breakfast, could she? No she couldn't, so she turned and followed the sent. It lead her to a small wooden door. Behind the door she could hear joyful voices talking and laughing.

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She pushed the door open and immediately the conversation died. About ten curious faces turned to meet her gaze. She felt her face heating up.

"I'm sorry. I shouldn't have intruded, but I smelled the food and I wanted- I thought I could- never mind", she stuttered.

One of the people in the room looking at her smiled warmly. She was a lady well over her seventies. "Are you hungry my little one?"

Ivy nodded.

"Well that is not a problem. Sit down would you."

Ivy did as told and sat down. By then all the people, or fairies, or whatever, had went back to their own chores. But from time to time some of them would turn around and give Ivy an encouraging smile. She smiled back.

"Now here you go love, would you like some apple juice to go with the bread?" the old lady asked.

"Yef pleafe", Ivy said her mouth full of tasty bread with salty butter. The lady smiled her heartwarming smile and handed her a glass full of cloudy apple juice.

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"My name is Cora. Now tell me little one, where are you from?"

Ivy washed her food down with the apple juice and opened her mouth. "My name's Ivy, very nice to meet you. I'm from... well New York."

"I have never heard of such place. Is it far away?" Cora asked.

"To be honest, I don't know. I don't have the slightest idea of where I even am right now. But I do hope that not too far away from home, because I want to return as soon as possible", she explained.

"You are not a fairy", Cora said. Ivy wasn't sure if it was meant as a question so she didn't answer. Instead she took a huge bite from her bread. Oh gods how good it tasted! When she had swallowed the bite she was about to ask Cora abut this castle, maybe try and figure out a way out. But she was interrupted by a knock on the door.

One of the workers in the kitchen opened the door and bowed when he saw who was on the other side. The same fairy guy with silvery hair and interesting grey eyes. He looked around the room and smiled when he found Ivy sitting at the table.

"Just who I was looking for." Then he turned to Cora and asked: "May I borrow the human?"

Cora huffed in irritation. "You need no permissions here your highness", she said, clearly annoyed.

"You are right as always Cora", the guy said and turned to Ivy. "Please follow me", he said to her.

She frowned. "I'm in the middle of my breakfast, but thank you."

The guy raised his brows and some of the fairies in the room let out hushed laughs. He gave them a warning look and at once all of them fell silent.

"Excuse me miss, but I don't think you have a choice here."

"Of course I do, I'll finish my breakfast and then I'll come with you. Now Cora, do you happen to have more of this delicious apple juice?"

Cora hid her smile from the silver-haired brat of a guy and nodded. She picked up a can full of golden juice and poured it into Ivy's glass. The guy's face started to resemble the color of a strawberry popsicle.

"You are coming with me human!" he shouted. "Now!"

Ivy was in the middle of drinking her juice so she lifted her finger up to tell him to wait a second. She drank her juice slowly, never moving her gaze from his eyes. After she finished, she let out a delighted sigh and rose from the table.

"Thank you Cora, it was really delicious", she thanked the old lady and turned to face the guy. "Now we can go."

Before she disappeared into the dark corridor Cora pulled her close. "I like you, but I will not be able to save you from the prince. So be careful little one", she whispered into Ivy's ear. Then she let go of her and went back to her cookings.

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