I notice that I listen to a lot of music that sounds happy but is not thaaaat happy (Or maybe they are). I select 12 and put them on a playlist in Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/user/aowcbdzxc4vlu2tq51m9c2xzc/playlist/30zRZhnxCCDjGKaVXE9U0Y?si=YFKr2QMiSXCo6ul15lU25w


1. Ain't it fun by Paramore. (I love Paramore since I was ten and this song is so accurate, it isn't?).

2. Fake happy by Paramore too. (I can't help because After Laugther is my eternaly mood).

3. We are... by Noah Cyrus and MØ. (This song is new and I don't usually listen to Noah, but the lyrics are so accurate with teens lives).

4. Not today by twenty one pilots. (This is my favorite american duo and this song is so me).

5. Rose-colored boy by Paramore. (I'm not obssesed, is their fault not mine).

6. The Sound by The 1975. (I don't know if this song is happy or not, Matty usually make me go so confused but I think is not that happy like it sounds, lmao).

7. Perfects places by Lorde. (I love Lorde and this song so freakin' much).

8. The Judge by twenty one pilots. (Yas, again. This song touch my heart everytime I listen to it. Tyler voice is just so much to handle).

9. Playing God by Paramore. (I have nothing to say).

10. Teenagers by My Chemical Romance. (All teenagers scare the living shit out of me. The end.)

11. Flourescent Adolescent by Artic Monkeys. (Good to dance as a insane and cry the same way).

12. Sober by Big Bang. (I know, it's korean and there's a lot of people who don't like k-pop, but listen to this song and the lyrics. I'll cry).