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and here we are. my first boyfriend. ive never thought that i would have one, but i had. and it was a lot of dissapointment for me.

we met on a double date. me, my best friend, you, and your friend. you asked my friend on a date and she didnt want to go alone, so we set this up. than she realised you just werent a boy she likes and you came to me. what a coincidece, right?


i was just a girl you wanted, because you were desperatly in love with my best friend.

and everyone is in love with my bestfriend.

and no one is in love with me.

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how did i forget about the fact that you were madly in love with my best friend? i dont know. the only thing i know was that i am in love with you and you just confessed your "love" for me, and that was everything ive ever wanted.

so i just lived in a lie. for two months straight.

than you started acting weird. why? because my best friend broke up with her boyfriend, so you saw your chance. and you went for it, still in a relationship with me.

did you really think i wouldnt break up with you after what you did?

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so i was single again. and it was better, i started to slowly get through it. but you saw your another chance to get a girlfriend after my best friend got a new boyfriend. you saw the chance in me, because you finally realised that i used to love you so much and she never did.

and you never loved me, now i know that.

did you really think that i would be your girlfriend again?

after all the things that hurt me because of you?

boy, you were so wrong this time.