You tried, didn't you? Tried to pick yourself up after the storm was over. But you found yourself feeling all alone in a sea of people. And you tried to find that one person wearing the same mask as you, going through the same troubles as you, mistaking them as your soulmate. You tried to hold onto them like your life depended on it.

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But they never stay.

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At the end of the day, you're left all alone and you realize that nobody's going to come and save you. It's just you now.

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And the demons you tried so hard hiding under your bed start to creep out. Taking over you. Taking over what's left of your sanity. You're tired of fighting them. They always win at the end anyway.

And so you let them in, accepting defeat.

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You have no hands to hold you up anymore. Not even the ones who wore the same masks as you and made false promises of 'always and forever'. Because it's over for them, they've moved on. But you're still stuck on the same page, with that same mask. You don't have the strength to move on, to let it all go and to forget.

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You're in too deep, you're drowning, and there's no one to save you now.