Welcome back!!!! Its been quite a long time since I written an article. I'm sorry... life (school) took over. But here is how to take care of yourself in the cold winter season.


- Switch to an oil based cleanser/soap free cleanser (unless your skin is oily!) ✨
- Use a gentle exfoliator 1x a week to remove the build up of dry skin ✨
- Toner ✨
- Hydrating serum ✨
- Always moisturize ✨
- Try an overnight mask ✨

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- Stop licking and picking them
- Exfoliate ✨ (lush and elf have great ones or you can diy your own lip scrub)
- Put vitamin e oil on them, it'll repair the dry skin
- Use a lip mask
- Always keep a lip balm near by ✨
- Bath & body works has an over night balm, its heavenly

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- Use oils & body butters ✨
- Exfoliate ✨ (body brush, exfoliating gloves, sugar scrub)
- Use creamy body washes ✨ (Nivea, Dove, etc.)
- Try in shower body lotions ✨

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- Soak your feet in warm water & apple cider vinegar
- Scrub your feet with some sea salt to remove all the dead skin from your heels
- Rinse
- Slather your feet with oil or a thick cream/ shea butter and put on some fluffy socks
- Leave it on overnight
- The next day your feet will feel amazing ✨

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So this is all for this article. Please like and share with your friends. Imma try to post more often. I will try to set up a posting system (every Saturdays????) Idk, but give me suggestions on what you want to see. BYE Beauties <3