Since my first article exceeded my expectations, I decided to make another article about the thing I love the most: PERFUME!!
During these last years, I started my own collection of perfumes, certainly I will describe some of which I like the most of all of them, because it would be impossible to describe every perfume I own.
Firstly, I will start with my all time favourite :

SI and parfum image
ARMANI SI INTENSE - This is the perfume that I always have in my drawer no matter what. I bought it for the first time 3 years ago in Milan and I never got tired of it. It is a must have for sure, you can wear it on every occasion, night time or day time. It's a perfume suitable for every season. It is a power bomb; every time I spray this my whole room smells like it. Its main notes are: black currant, freesia and cassis. The performance of this perfume is wonderful, one of the best no doubt. So, whenever you find yourself at Sephora give it a try, you will thank me later!!
chanel, coco, and luxury image
CHANEL - COCO MADEMOISELLE! What can I say about this perfume? It's a perfume that suits every age and not too overpowering. Go for this perfume If you would like to try a fresh sultry scent. Its main notes are: orange blossom, jasmine and vanilla.
Prada, perfume, and black image
PRADA - L'EAU D'AMBREE! I tried this one when I was 16-17 and to be honest I didn't like it as much as I do now! this is a more mature scent, sometimes it smells a little melancholic to me (don't judge me I associate perfumes with feelings :p). It has a nice projection, it lasts for long on the skin but it's not overpowering also. I would recommend you to wear it during the day. Its main notes are: Amalfi lemon, rose & amber.
luxury, love, and sunshine image
I also have a mini collection of Amouage perfumes; If you want to buy high quality and unique perfumes Amouage is the best brand!
5th avenue, elizabeth arden, and fashion image
But if you want a more affordable perfume Elizabeth Arden's Fifth avenue would be a great choice. It's a classy perfume and it smells more expensive than it actually is.
perfume, YSL, and yvessaintlaurent image
I have both Opiums, the classic one and the newer version the Black Opium of YSL. To be honest, I like the classy one better, it is a very strong perfume but very alluring. It's an icon! I would recommend the Black Opium to girls who like sweet scents like La Vie est belle.
gucci, perfume, and flora image
Gucci Flora - Perfect for spring & one of the best florals.
beauty, bitter, and blogger image
Jo Malone - Orange Blossom! a nice fruit fresh scent.
nice, perfume, and saffron image
Jo Malone - Saffron Cologne. If you like heavy perfumes the best choice is the intense one, otherwise you can go for the lighter version.
focus, girl, and hermes image
Jour d'Hermes - a classy one! suitable for every occasion
agent provocateur, beauty, and fragrance image
Agent provocateur - fatale; A very affordable perfume but very nice smelling
gucci, guilty, and parfum image
Gucci Guilty intense; this perfume will never get old for me. It's very unique, I wish there was more of this genre!
brands, cartier, and christmas image
Cartier Baiser vole for the perfect daisy-like smell and La panthere for a stronger one!

So, I hope you enjoyed reading this article and If you like it I can add more perfumes in Part 2!