you know when you feel that chill?
yep, that one in your spine, when youre touched by that person

the feel when you smile at some stupid shit
yep, just for seeing a pic of some cat or receive a compliment

when you take your shoes off and feel the grass between your fingers
yep, that feeling when you close your eyes and feel like in heaven at list for 1 sec

when you read a book that you like soo much
yep, the permission to scape realitty for a moment in a safe place

when you watch a film and imagine yourself in it?
yep, that ones where the girl always get the boy and they live a eternal happines

when you hear that song who make you remember a good thing, or a bad thing too

when you fall asleep hearing the rain falls down in the other side of the wall

when you eat your favorite food after a long time

when you open the car glass and feel the wind against your skin

when you drink hot chocolate in a cold day

when you pass sometime with your friends and realize how lucky you are for have them

when you came home after a tired day and take a hot bath

when you watch the sunset and realize how beautiful and perfect is the sky

when you hug your family and tell them how much you love them

when you have a reason to come home, a cat, a dog,a human...

for me, that is what love looks like...
surprising yourself everyday, laughting at anything, seeing life more pretty,close your eyes and fell lost but at the same time safe and sound,
have chills at every touch, fell warm, protected,special and unique.

love wasnt supposed to be bad
people just dont know how to love without hurt each other and break others apart.,sometimes whe get lost,sometimes whe get confused,and sometimes its just not love,its an ilusion. because when we cant find it in someone allse we fake other feelings to look like it.

but nothing compares to love, and all the loves are not the same, all of them are unique, because love is in the life.

love is in every action, every move, every moment, every atitude.
love is inside us
and its never gonna left.