I'm sure everyone reading this has Netflix and you've got the shows you love to binge watch. But maybe some of you are looking for something new to watch, maybe a variety instead of the same old deal. So I present to you-

What to Watch: Netflix Edition

What to watch when you want to feel good


gif, movie, and samantha image

This documentary centers on Samantha Futerman and Anaïs Bordier, twins who were separated at birth, grew up on two different sides of the world and found each other by chance.

Queen of Katwe

Image by ☯

Phiona Mutesi lives in the slum with her single mother and siblings, where there is a constant struggle - if not for one thing, for another. She happens across a meeting where missionary Robert Katende is teaching the local children how to play chess. Not only does the game fascinate her, it becomes a true gift that takes her to places once beyond her reach.


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Saroo Brierly got on a train when he was five and ended up lost thousands of miles from home. After hard months of surviving alone in the city streets of India, he is eventually adopted by an Australian couple and lives a warm and comfortable life in Tasmania. But as an adult, his unknown origins and haunting memories of his family lead him into a heart-wrenching search for his home. A true story adapted from an autobiography by Saroo himself.

August Rush

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Louis and Lyla have a beautiful evening together, but it is just as quickly over and they are separated. And from their fated love is born a boy, Evan, who is also separated from them. But he is no ordinary boy, but a musical genius who uses the sounds and rhythms to find his parents. And in so doing becomes August Rush.

The Get Down

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1970s Bronx is all disco but a new genre is rising fast, hip hop. It's summer and Zeke Figuero is only concentrated on winning the love of Mylene Cruz. That is until he meets Shaolin Fantastic, the Lady Killing Romantic. Through the eyes of a group of dreaming teenagers, the vivacious streets and deadly underground of their crumbling city are unveiled through the beautiful thing that is music.
(Sidenote, the music is fucking awesome so watch it.)

Old Favorites


animation, disney, and dreamworks image

IT'S ON NETFLIX! The beloved fairy tale of the ogre who just wanted peace but is forced on a quest to save the princess in the highest room of the tallest tower in order to save his swamp's solitude. But it gets complicated when he starts to fall for the princess, who shows herself to be no damsel in distress. If you haven't seen this movie, what are you doing with your life? Where was your childhood?

What to watch when you're feeling romantic


beauty, hug, and isis valverde image

When a fashion vlogger and video game vlogger fall in love, they quickly find challenges getting accustomed to each other’s worlds.
(It’s Portuguese so you have to read, unless you speak it, one of the two. I don't guarantee you'll think it the best romantic comedy but it’s very cute and it just makes you smile a lot.)

The First Time

kiss, the first time, and cute image

In a span of just a few days, Dave and Aubrey find that the uncontrollable attraction to one another is indeed a first love. But having happened so fast, neither have any idea on how to handle this instant connection.

Breakfast at Tiffany's

audrey hepburn, Breakfast at Tiffany's, and movie image

Paul Varjak moves into an apartment building in New York and finds himself captivated by Holly Golightly, an elegantly dressed woman with a curious lifestyle. The two get closer as they spend more time together, but what each want for themselves couldn't be more different.
(You should always take advantage of a classic, and a lot of people still haven't seen it.)

If you’re feeling up for the cold hard truth

Food, Inc.

animals, documentary, and food image

This documentary unveils the truth behind our processed foods and what is done in order to achieve them. If you don’t want to have any reason to doubt what you’re eating, this is not for you. But if you think you can handle the truth, this is definitely for you. Warning, some images will leave you in awe, not in a good way, so be prepared.

Camp X-Ray

kristen stewart, guantanamo, and gitmo image

This film centers on prisoner Ali Amir and Army Private Amy Cole at Guantanamo Bay, following the attacks on September 11. Despite their initial disagreement, the two form a strong bond. But their relationship is tested by the harsh reality that is their world.


This movie is set in present day Israel and centers on Layla, a teen who is struggling with the cold reality that is her patriarchal culture. Her father has recently married his second bride which cost highly and she herself has fallen in love with a boy from school that goes against everything her family stands for.
(Unfortunately I couldn't find a picture of it. I was lucky to have been able to watch this film, having been a school assignment. It is beautiful and tragic and I highly recommend it.)

If you’re into or interested in watching Korean dramas

Strong Girl Bong-Soon

kdrama, strong woman do bong soon, and do bong soon image

Do Bong-Soon was born with superhuman strength, passed down to every woman in her family who must not use it for bad or they will lose it forever. She has secretly harbored a long time love for her childhood friend, rookie detective In Guk-Doo. And having witnessed her amazing feat, millionaire Ahn Min-Hyun contracts her as his bodyguard due to recent death threats. Besides these situations, she is called to use her power when a series of kidnappings begin to threaten the people closest to her.

Tong Memories

Everyone wants to be a legendary fighter. A young man with a fast temper and need to get out of the shadows of his best friend gains his own reputation as one. But it is no easy journey.
(It’s twelve episodes, each around ten minutes. I couldn’t find a picture, but do check it out.)

Hello, My Twenties!

gif image

Five college students that share a house together struggle with their daily lives, each with their own unique story to tell and completely different from one another in personality. But they eventually come to see that they cannot do it alone and find strength in each other to overcome their personal demons.
Season 2 is now out!

If you’re looking for a thriller


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A deaf-mute author lives a solitary life in the woods and is struggling with a break up as well as being stuck on inspiration for new material. What is supposed to be another normal night is quickly turned into a fight for survival when an intruder becomes interested in playing a game of cat and mouse.

Train to Busan

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Seok-Woo is taking his estranged daughter to see her mother in Busan. But things take a turn for the worst when mass hysteria around them makes its way onto the train ride. Not only must he and survivors make sure they don’t get bit, they must also fear turning on one another.

Gerald’s Game

carla gugino, Stephen King, and henry thomas image

Jessie and her husband Gerald go away for a romantic weekend to a lake house where they hope to revive their marriage and sex life. Gerald plans to spice things up with viagra and a pair of handcuffs. Unfortunately, he dies from a heart attack while she is still handcuffed, leaving her trapped and defenseless. She is left alone with her thoughts and fears as she tries to get free.
(Warning, there are mature topics and jumpscares, if you're not a fan of them.)


circle, circulo, and 2015 image

Fifty people wake up in a darkened room arranged in two concentric circles, unable to move from the circle stay stand in or touch others. And if someone does leave their circle, a dome in the center shoots a beam that instantly kills them. In panic and attempting to figure out what's happening, they eventually realize that every two minutes the beam will kill someone. Soon after, they figure out they have a vote who dies.

Before I Wake

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A young couple adopt an orphaned child after losing their son in a tragic accident. The boy is afraid to sleep, using any means possible to stay awake at night. It's not long before they figure out why he's afraid to fall asleep. It's downright frightful when they see their dead son walking around in their living room.
I found it very interesting and refreshing.

If you want some action

Into the Badlands

Abusive image
Abusive image
"The wars were so long ago nobody even remembers. Darkness and fear ruled until the time of the barons, seven men and women who forged order out of chaos. People flocked to them for protection. That protection became servitude. They banished guns and trained armies of lethal fighters they called Clippers. This world is built on blood. Nobody is innocent here. Welcome to the Badlands."

In a post-apocalyptic world approximately 500 years after a war that left civilization in ruins, a feudal society has risen in order to form order. Sunny is Regent (Head Clipper) to the Badlands' most powerful Baron, Quinn, and considered one of, if not the, deadliest clipper. In investigating missing cogs (slaves), he finds out that the newest Baron, The Widow, is interested in just one - a teenage boy named M.K. As Sunny tries to figure out why The Widow's claim to her territory has stirred anger in the other barons and war is on the verge of breaking out. And to make matters worse, Sunny has broken a law - the woman he loves is pregnant and clippers are forbidden to have children. He thinks there may be a way out of the Badlands and that maybe M.K. is the key to this great escape.
(This show is AMAZING! I HIGHLY recommend it. HIGHLY! Season 3 currently airing on AMC.)

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Marvel, guardians of the galaxy, and groot image

Peter Quill and his fellow guardians of the galaxy are hired by a powerful alien race, the Sovereign, to protect their batteries from invaders. It goes downhill quickly when Rocket steals from them. But this actually leads them to Ego, a man that claims to be Peter's father, his David Hasselhoff - something you'll get once you watch it.
(Honestly, you don't need to watch the first one in order to watch this one. I didn't, and everything was pretty easy to follow. However, doesn't mean you shouldn't watch the first one, which is not on Netflix too, which I don't understand. This movie is awesome, awesome, awesome.)


bright, movie, and will smith image

Daryl Ward faces pressure from watching eyes when he’s unwillingly teamed up with the first orc officer, Nick Jakoby. In this world full of both human and mythical species, magic wands can only be controlled by a Bright who possesses the rare ability to be able to wield magic that would otherwise obliterate a normal person. And when a magic wand is suddenly up for grabs, it’s risk enough for corrupt police and orc and human gangs to break into war in the middle of Los Angeles. But the owner of the wand wants it back, and she will kill anyone in the way.

Battle Royale

battle royale image

The BR Act is passed by the Japanese government in order to control the unruly youth. Every year a group of junior high schoolers is chosen to participate in Battle Royale, and it happens to be class 3-B this time. With explosive collars forcing them to play, they have three days to fight to the death until there is one winner. And if there isn’t one by the end, all collars will explode. A desperate will to survive will show the true colors of the once carefree youth.

The Punisher

Mature image

Frank Castle, already known to the world as The Punisher, has exacted his revenge for what was done to him and his family. But as the memory of them continues to haunt him, a large conspiracy could reveal a harsher truth far more deadly than what has happened.


A woman forced to work as a prostitute for a criminal overlord must fight to survive the night after he finds out that she’s been working with the police to bring him down. She’ll have to gun her way through prostitutes, his men, corrupt police and specialized torturers-and she’ll fight hard when her mother and daughter are threatened.
(If you like bloody fight scenes and dark humor, this is for you. Couldn't find a picture of it, so that sucks. And I think it's important to mention Salma Hayek stars in it.)

Maybe some animation


coraline and movie image

Bored with her life, the adventurous Coraline finds an idealized parallel world with all she’s ever wanted in a secret door in her new home. But this perfect world has a dark secret, and she must use her wits and the help of a talking cat to save herself as well as her friends and family.

Walk Disney Animation Studios Short Film Collection

disney, gif, and smile image

A collection of short films together for the first time, including John Henry, Paperman, Tick Tock Tale and (my personal favorite) The Little Matchgirl. I was so happy when i found this, and I found the short films so beautiful. WATCH IT!!


Image by Coria DiAngelo

This series follows a group of groms who come together for an awesome summer at Surfer’s Paradise Hotel, where the waves are legendary. But half of the time they have to make sure they keep their jobs, despite it being the worst. But for the epic surf, it’s worth it.

Devilman Crybaby

akira, akuma, and gif image

Crybaby Akira Fudo is dragged by friend Ryo Asuka in search for demons that have returned to take over the world. And in the process ends up uniting his body with a demon, therefore becoming a demon with a heart. But this is only the beginning.
(Warning, this show is very mature. Nudity and sexual scenes.)

And last but not least, just some things I find fun to watch

Myths and Monsters

The myths and legends of European history are broken down and reexamined, accompanied by beautiful concept art. It is very imaginative and it’s not just the common stories you already know by now. I highly recommend giving it a chance.


sense8 image

Eight strangers across the world find themselves suddenly connected by a strange ability to become one with each other’s thoughts and abilities. And though it begins as an initial curiosity, it quickly becomes a fight for survival by not only the dangers in their present lives, by a secret organization that hunts people like them down and destroys them.
(Warning, lots of mature scenes. Like, nudity and sex.)

Terrace House

It’s a Japanese reality show that puts six strangers together and leaves them to their own devices, taking breaks throughout the episodes to comment. This reality show is almost nothing like American reality shows. Of course, there can be tension, drama, romance - but since these are Japanese people, the way they go about these situations are nothing like what we usually see, and it is actually very refreshing. On Netflix, there are three series, two set in Japan and another set in Hawaii. So three chances to try it out.

The Babysitter

bee, cole, and glasses image

Cole doesn't care if he may be a little old for a babysitter because Bee is the girl of his dreams. And what starts off as a dream night quickly takes a disturbing 180 after he witnesses a bloody sacrifice.


These are recommendations. No, I don't guarantee you'll love every single thing. No, these may not be the best shows or movies. But it could be a fun and new mix-up, so give them a chance first.

I will be updating ever so often just in case some shows are no longer available or I want to suggest new things. Message me if you'd like, and hope you enjoy my suggestions. Thanks!