As an introductory note, thank you enormously for +800 followers. You are awesome! And,yes, I know each of you. I know the accounts of each one that gave me follow. Now,we're almost 900.
A typical problem of all today's young people, but a problem we all override : exams and tests.This was the main reason why I haven't posted whole weeks and I'm really sorry ! I don't know what's happening in your country but my vacation here is at the end... I was sick all week but today I just found the strength to write something here.
So,hello everyone,welcome back to my blog,and,yeah,I hope it's all right here. Although I had to do it for a long time, I do it only now : #Thisismechallenge. Sooo,you can this way know more about me. Let's start!
As any person passionate about photography, I will do it in pictures.

#1. S T Y L E

fashion fashion Superthumb chic

#2. C O L O R

Superthumb bad gold aesthetic

#3. A N I M A L S

dog animal adorable animal

#4. F O O D

berries Superthumb food burger

#5. P A S S I O N S

chanel aesthetic camera city

#6. P E R S O N A L I T Y

couple mistakes theme quotes

#7. D R E A M S

fashion job aesthetic art

#8. B O O K

book autumn books book

#9. M O V I E

tumblr algebra paper towns change

#10. L I F E S T Y L E

autumn clothes aesthetic beauty

#11. M U S I C

alex turner couple feline dua lipa blackbear Superthumb

I hope u like it ! <3