I promise, loving yourself can change many things. They way you look at yourself and they way you look others. Here, I've got a list you may like to read:


when you know yourself, you know and LOVE your imperfections and good things. You know who you are, you look better, you feel better, and most important, you're proud of it.

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Your own style

not being afraid of what people tell you, and trying what you like, defines you. you grow, you develop (emotionally, of course) and you start to know yourself, discovering what identifies you and what makes you happy

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to love oneself is to believe in oneself. You feel capable, you trust what you can do. you cheer up and at the same time, every time you fail, you don't feel so bad, because you can try again!

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to love yourself means also to respect yourself, therefore, you will have less tolerance with those who do not respect you and you will reject that kind of thing. You will have a standard, in a good way!

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Health and happiness

no doubt. you worry about your health, you like to show the best of you. it is easier for you to take care of yourself; Eat better, exercise more, relax ... after all, with all the changes that self-love brings, it also brings happiness. happiness that comes from appreciating what you are and from others doing it too.

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and after reading all the good things you'll have, isn't it better to love yourself?