Dictionary definition

a shy, reticent person

*triggered *

Wait. What? Is that all? Who wrote the dictionary?


Let me tell you what an introvert is.

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An introvert is (indeed) someone who doesn't talk much. Not because they have nothing to say. On the contrary, introverts never stop thinking. Really. Never.
It's just a little difficult deciding what to let out and how to do it.

Their imagination is vivid and complex and so, so powerful. That makes reality more exciting. 🤩

Introverts love solitude and they need their alone time to be able to breathe. Pair that with delicious drinks, immersive music and good books, and introverts will never leave their rooms.

Introverts don't like limitations and living by society's rules.
Kind-hearted and great listeners, introverts are the faithful friends who ALWAYS have your back.

Right, now that we have that cleared up, let's move on to the aesthetic part.

If you're an introvert, you probably need:

  • Books - all the fictional friends who take you on adventures while you're still in your room
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  • Cozy/ creative backgrounds - places where you dream with your eyes wide open
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  • Art supplies - no matter the talent, you were created to create
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  • Headsets/ earphones - life without music... is that even a life?
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  • Deep moments - you perceive things on a deeper level. While small talk makes you bored sometimes, deep chats with the right someone feel magical
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  • Pets - what people can't understand sometimes, pets always do.
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  • Freedom - as I said: Introverts do not like routine and rules. They need their own space to fully be themselves.
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  • Passion - no matter how doubtful they may be at first, once they find their passion, introverts can not be stopped.
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