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english cover, german title "In deinem Licht und Schatten"
  • Author: Louisa Reid
  • Puplisher: Penguin
  • Puplished: 2012
  • Pages: 274
  • Price: 7,99 Pounds / 16,99 € (Germany)


As you can see on the picture I own the original english book. I also own the german one, which I bought first and I was lucky to cause, I almost wouldn't have bought it.
I saw it several times looking around the bookstore for new books. But at first it never looked that interesting to me to pick it up. Then at one point, after seeing it often enough, I just thought "Oh, what the hell. Just read the backcover and maybe it's interesting."
And it was.
This is also one of my favourite books. As you already know I own both the german and english version and I read them both several times. That's how much I like it.


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Backcover of the english book

"How would you feel if your beautiful twin sister died suddenly? And how would it feel to be alone now if you and your sister were the only ones to know the truth about what takes place behind closed doors?

What would you do if it was your parents who had brought danger into your life? Would you dare reveal how your sister died?

Rebecca is heartbreakingly disfigured and silenced by fear. Home is no safe haven and with her sister's death a warning of terror to come, she must summon the courage to find an escape of her own"

"You're going to leave me here with him. aren't you? You're going to go off with that horrible boy and leave me here and I'll never escape. I hate you, Hephzi, I hate you."

Rebecca lives in a small village. Her twin sister died and now she has to face the horros unfolding in her home alone. In this story you go alongside Rebecca and her sister Hephzi who tell the story of their life with The Parents. What pain they went through. What Rebecca is going through after her sister's death and her experience. It really is a heartbreaking story about the life of two sisters. Beautiful in it's sadness.

"The tales I keep hidden within are many; if you ever open me up then you'll read the truth. Look inside, peel back skin and flesh, excavate bone, and there you'll find a library of pain."

Own Words

It may seem like this book is just a depressing story, but I tell you it's not. It's so much more. A story about what can happen in the homes of children. About how they experience abuse. How they live with it. What consequences they suffer. And it's also a brave story. About how someone who experiences something like that copes with it and gets stronger with it. That's why I like it so much.
So I strongly recommend you to read this book; it doesn't even cost much.

If you read it, you'll feel better afterwards. I did everytime.

I hope you enjoyed my second bookpresentation. Those who already read the first one, which can be found in the following collection, know that it's been some time, exactly a month actually, since I uploaded it. I chose this timeframe, because it gives me enough time to think about the next book, to take good pictures of them (there'll be better ones in the future, more outside, more interesting) and enough time to write the article and think about it's content. I also would probably be out of books after some months if I did them weekly, 'cause I read much, but I can't recommend every book. And I don't have enough time for that.
I hope you still like reading them and for now I planned to upload a new article on the 10th of every month and pictures one day before that.
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