I smile,
I lough,
I live.

People see this part of me.
Cheerful, always happy.
But what if I show them the opposite side?
Will they pity me?
Will they stop talking to me?
Will they even care?
Do I even care?
You know? It's hard.
It's really hard to hide your feelings.
It breaks your heart,
It breaks your dreams,
It breaks you.
Stop hiding everything,
Stop lying.
Who are you trying to fool?

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Start everything from a new page?
That's a bullshit.
How can you just forget your past?
But at least - talk.
Scream about your feelings.
Find someone who can and will listen to you.
Find something which will make you happy.
Find a way, try to find a way out of this disaster.

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People change?
Well, that's the second bullshit.
People never change,
They just learn to live.
They make mistakes,
They regret,
And they start over, without the mistakes.

Try to learn from your mistakes,
Try to be the best version of you...

Thank you so much dear hearters for reading this.♡

- Love Yourself