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i dont know if you know this, but you were the first boy that i've loved. it wasnt crush, i truly, really loved you. maybe you knew, maybe you didnt, it doesnt matter anymore.

do you even remember me anymore? i am the one that helped you through your depression. i am the one that was there for you, i was the shoulder you could cry on.

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why did you flirt with me? my unexperienced self thought you liked me. i thought something more was between the two of us, but i was wrong.

how come that i loved you this much and i've never realised that you were in love with my best friend (gonna talk about you in a bit, hun)?

you always told me that i was beautiful. that i could have any boy i would want. did you know that i wanted you?

oh how i wanted you to love me.

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but you never was there for me. you never talked about me. it was always about you, and your mistakes, and your life, and ive never noticed, because i was so focused on making you feel better that i was damaging myself.

i finally realised this when you told my best friend you loved her.

you were the first person that i let go of.

happy i did.