Hey loves!! I hope you're all doing well.
In this article I'm gonna be giving some ways to de-stress and feel more relaxed.
Definitely if you've been stressing a lot about school or work lately, these ideas might be super helpful.

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☆ clean you room
''a clear space is a clear mind''

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☆ declutter your phone
close internet tabs, clean out your mailbox etc

☆ take a shower

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☆ write down tasks that need to be done
do what you can

☆ put on a face mask

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☆ go outside and just walk around for a bit

☆ write down your thoughts

☆ write down achievements you're proud of or quotes that motivate you

☆ read a book or magazine

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☆ drink some tea

☆ clean your face/remove your make-up

☆ exercise

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☆ drink some water

☆ listen to some calming music

☆ take a quick nap if you're really feeling tired
make sure to get at least 8 hours of sleep.

☆ text your friends

☆ do some yoga and/or meditate

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☆ listen to ambience sounds on youtube

☆ journal

☆ put on comfortable clothes

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☆ paint your nails

☆ play with pet

☆ take a bath

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☆ call/text your friend

☆ light a candle

☆ watch funny videos & laugh

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☆ organize your school stuff

☆ turn off your digital devices

☆ write down what makes you feel stressed

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Thank you for reading ♡

Love, Lotte

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