Hi everyone!
Today I've decided to write an article for every curly girl out there, like me.
We know that curls are beautiful, but they are really difficult to mantain in health.
I've recently discovered this method that helps us to take care of our curly hair... These are some of the advices that are suggested, try them!

1) Find out what hair type you have

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Obviously before choosing your hair routine you have to be sure what your hair type is. Look at this image!

2) Learn what to avoid

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Basically you have to avoid every chemical, so you should not dye your hair and not use products with alcohol, sulfates, parabenes, and silicones because they ruin and dry your hair. And if the hair is not healthy it won't get a good shape.
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Another thing to avoid is heat, especially from the straightener or similar, because they cause the loss of definition of your hair.

3) What to prefer

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Look for the best organic products: they are alcohol, silicones and parabenes free and are made only of biological ingredients. They not only make your hair grow healthier, but also leave amazing natural fragrances.

4) Washing and drying

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A good habit is washing and drying your hair upside down to constrast gravity force that weights and attracts to the ground the curls making them less defined. Also use only the diffuser and push up your curls with the hands. The last advice is to comb your hair only when it's weat/humid and before washing off the conditioner.

These are the basis to allow your hair to grow healthier, but the method has other "rules" to mantain it beautiful, style it, take care of it during the night and so on.
So I recommend to you some websites and YouTube channels that are more specific and will help you to follow the CGM. Here they are:

📲 💻

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  • Ayesha Malik
  • India Batson
  • CurlyPenny

You can find here so many hacks for your hair!

But before ending this article, I'm leaving here the website of brand that creates products and accessories for curly hair:


Well, it's all for today, I hope you liked this article and I hope it was helpful 😁
Thanks for reading ❣️

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