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when everything came back to normal, you came to my life. another person i could trust, another person i loved by my whole heart.

you know, when i love someone, i love them with my whole heart. i cant help myself. id to anything for them, i would take a bullet for them. and maybe thats one of my biggest mistakes in life.

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i was in a happy place. i had everything i wanted, but happy times come and go.

would you be friends with me knowing that my sad times were this bad?
i suppose not.

when we met, i was a happy person. but than, something happened. and when im sad, i am so sad that barely anything can make a smile on my face.

and you've figured it out.

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you were supposed to tell me things like
"it's okay"
"it will be okay"
"i'm here"
i wouldnt believe them, but it would at least feel good to have anyone that cared enough to say this to me.

but you didnt.
you stopped talking to me with words "i dont want to be sad just because you are."

i wont forgive you this, honey.

those scars are your fault too.