you. you are the second person that broke my heart. after the first one, i thought that no one could ever hurt me this bad again. i was wrong. so wrong.

i didnt have friends for a while. i didnt have a chance to have any, everyone ran away from me or didnt even talk to me. but you did. happy times became for me.

you were the best friend i could ever wish for. you were everything i've ever wished i had. it felt so good to talk to you. i loved you so much. like a friend, yes, but it was love so strong that i thought nothing would ever break us apart. but nothing ever comes as i'd like it to, does it?

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some people just cant stand other people's happiness. it looks like just everyone can be happy but me. when they saw that i had happiness, a strong friendship; everything i've ever wished for, they tried to break it. break my only source of happiness.

they lied about me. i didnt care. i was so used to it that i thought nothing would change, because you know me. you know who i am and how i act, dont you?

you refused to believe you do.

you trusted them, the liars.

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than you came back. you said we would talk again, that you trust me. i was so happy, you know that? but everything started to go to shit again. funny, isn't it?

we fight from than.

we never stopped.

and it breaks my heart everytime we do.

wouldnt it be easier to just end it? stop talking? because when you dont talk, you dont fight. but thats too hard for me.

i still believe everything will be okay between the two of us.

will it?