hey. do you remember me?
of course you do.
i see that grin every time you see me. i see that pure hapiness caused by my sadness.

do you know that? are you aware of the thing that you were the first person to broke my heart? the first person i loved to death and you just went ahaed and crushed everything i've built in my whole life.

it's sad.
because i trusted you. i loved you. i was there, i've helped you. i apologized everytime i didn't have to, i did everything i could for you. you were my best friend.

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can i tell you something?
my mom was always right about you. do you remember how i told you what she thought about you and we just laughed? how was it? laughing altrough you knew she was right?

you lied to me. you lied to me for 5 years and i fucking trusted you. i've had faith in our friendship. yeah, i was young and dumb to think that we would be best friends forever, but you could at least walk away without curshing my whole world, making everyone step against me and making fun of me.

everyone knew all these 5 years, didn't they?

that you were fucking liar.

and they didnt tell me.

because after all, i wasnt worth knowing truth.

tell me. how did it feel to crush someone's world?

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