In this article i will be sharing wit you guys what my midnight thoughts once taught me ...
the reason behind us falling in love
lets just admit it , some of us even fell for people they didn't spend so much time wit them
i don't know if its just me or any other person out there
it is because we fall in love with what we imagine, we fall in love with ourselves in fact not them, its our reactions, and expectations, its the way we would treat them, it's our jokes, our madness, our wonderland with them involved, not them this is why we get heart broken when we realize they are not that,

indeed its disappointment that we feel, but not anymore
we would accept the love we deserve only, and we don't deserve ignorance, nor crying before sleep every night,

we should love ourselves enough to never let anyone treat us that way.

with a simple tip : smile for the sweet talk but never believe it .
everyone will leave at some point.

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