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"your relationship with yourself sets the tone for every other relationship you have" - Robert Holden

1. you are the only person that is going to be with yourself forever
2. you can't expect anyone to love you if you don't love yourself
3. set standards for other people
4. its fun
5. you deserve it
6. you need it
7. it will help you grow
8. learning to embrace your flaws will give you confidence
9. raise your self-esteem
10. raise your self-image
11. you are unique
12. its a blessing when others love you, not an expectation. when you love yourself you get rid of the expectation that others need to love you
13. you slay
14. life becomes easier
15. no one can hurt your feelings by disrespecting the way you look
16. be the person you want to marry
17. you are an artwork of DNA
18. you can only love someone else once you've learned how to love yourself
19. you are smart
20. you have a dream to catch
21. you are still alive
22. other people care for you and love you
23. you deserve happiness
24. you (will) make someone in this world happy
25. you deserve more than you think
26. you are beautiful
27. you have a bright future
28. you have come so far in life
29. you have achieved a lot of things already and you will achieve even more
30. you are your own best friend
31. sometimes you need to be selfish
32. you can't help others if you haven't helped yourself first
33. you are here for a reason
34. it will make you happier
35. you are fabulous
36. your body wants to feel loved
37. you are not worth a number
38. no such thing as perfection
39. hating your self won't change anything
40. judging yourself will only make you ugly
41. it will make you successful
42. you will have a positive mindset
43. you won't get upset easily
44. you won't worry about pleasing others
45. you won't need to wake up 2 hours early to put make-up on and impress a guy
46. you won't need to go to the gym to have a figure instead, you will go to be healthy
47. it's free
48. it's easy
49. you'll gain confidence
50. people like people who love themselves