loving yourself is so important. there is a quote that really sticks out to me.

"You owe yourself
the love that you
so freely give to
other people."

you owe it to yourself to appreciate who you are as a human being.

1) do not compare yourself to others
comparing yourself to others can really hurt your self-confidence. instead of comparing yourself to others, think of yourself. could i have done better? what do i need to do to improve?

2) forget past mistakes
the past is the past, it can not be changed. try not to dwell on past mistakes, it can hold you back. try to focus on what you can do to avoid mistakes in the future and give yourself forgiveness.

3) celebrate victories
cleaned your room? got an A on a test? that's great, let yourself be proud! sometimes we tend to forget about the little things we do that are truly great. remember your small accomplishments and give yourself a pat on the back.

4) practice self-care
self-care is so essential to loving yourself. even if it's just taking deep breaths or taking a walk, it can really allow you time to think about yourself. sometimes you need to treat yourself.

5) speak kindly to yourself
look in a mirror and tell your reflection that they are beautiful. it may seem weird, but it's important to recognize all of your amazing qualities. no one's perfect, but that's okay!

remember, i love you, and you should love you too! you are worthy of love and stronger than you know.