I wrote this a while ago and I wanted to share it with you^^ Enjoy!

People light up cigarettes every single day
They are addicted to the way it makes them feel
I know that smoking is bad for your body
especially your lungs
but there are so many other things bad for you
Like people
People can be like cigarettes
Addicting and bad for you
But instead of damaging your lungs
They damage
Your heart
Your trust
Your perspective of others
I can relate to the addicting part
I'm addicted to the way you make me feel
I'm addicted to your smile
But most of all
I'm addicted to your lips against mine
When we kiss it feels like the world is ours
Like we were meant to be where we are
It's something I don't want to lose
I don't want to lose you
I don't want those cigarettes
I want you, only you
I can't compare you with cigarettes or the way other people have treated me
'Cause you grow flowers in my heart
You gave me my voice back, my poetry
I don't need cigarettes
I need you
Every single part of you

So this was my article, I hope you liked it! If you want more like this, just message me ;) Have a beautiful day!

xoxo Liv