Hi guys, as you see in this article I'm writing about my country, Greece. I'm sure you know even a little things about it.

Firstly I'm gonna tell you about Santorini, the most attractive island. There was a volcano there in acient years. It is famous about its buildings and the beaches. Here are some pictures of the island.

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Athens, is the capital city of Greece and it has 700.000 residents. It took its name from Athena, one of the Olympian gods, also known as Minerva.

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In Athens there is the Acropolis and the parthenon, very important and impressive monument.

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Kavala is my small town and I love it very much, because it is surrounded by sea and I've grown up here.

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Our prime misister is Alexis Tsipras and I wouldn't say that I really like him☺☺

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Most people here use bus and there is subway only in Athens

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Euro is the official currency of Greece

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Traditional Greek food is tzatziki sauce (made of yoghurt,garlic and cucumber), greek salad, gyros, baklavas, tiropita (pie with chese)

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