Out in the valley of Love and Desire,
There lives a little girl, whose soul is on fire.
A voice so powerful, the whole world can hear,
She lives eternally, she knows no fear.
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Spirits so high, they talk to the clouds,
Her laughter is music, her music is loud.
Her arms are strong, her ambitions more so,
It transcends all barriers that the world sows.
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Adventure calls her name, she hears it all the time,
In the depths of the sea, beyond the vast sky.
Her love knows no boundaries, she always makes it last,
She's living in the present, neither future, nor past.
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A new chapter began when Technology came,
It made lives easier, but things were never the same.
Real world became silent, Cyber world became loud,
She has freedom of speech, but not through her mouth.
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The world is in her hands, just one click away,
But the cost is her Age, she doesn't want to play.
She wants her voice back, she wants back her life,
She calls herself Youth, she lives within You and I.
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I really hope I succeeded in conveying my point. Youth is such a vast subject and I look forward to writing more about it in the future.

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Much love!

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