Hello Lovelies, I saw this bouncing around WHI so I thought it would be a great way for you to get to know me, so lets get started!

A- Age


B- Best Movie

Definitely has to be The Great Gatsby.

C- Current time


D- Drink you last had

Coffee, of course.

E- Everyday Starts With

A stalk on social media and pinning on WHI obviously.

F- Favourite Song

Currently, it is God’s Plan by Drake. Can’t stop listening to it ha!

G- Grossest Memory

I don’t think I really have one, I don’t get grossed out easy ha!

H- Height

So I’m small at 5”2.

I- In Love With

Chanel everything.

J- Jealous

Jealous of people who get todo what they love for a living.

K- Killed Someone

What sort of a question is this? Of course not haha.

L- Last Time I Cried

Yesterday, I watched the Notebook didn’t I? Does it every time.

M- Middle Name

Trouble hehe.

N- Number of Siblings


O- One Wish

The end of extinction of beautiful creatures on our planet.

P- Person you last called/texted

My boyfriend hehe.

Q-Questions you are always asked

Are you australian randomly ha! (I’m not)

R- Reasons to smile

Being surrounded by beautiful people, in an amazing part of the world and I love what I do.

S- Song you last sang

Colours by Hasley

T- Time you woke up


U- Underwear Colour

Black always

V- Vacation Places

I love to travel, Italy, France and Spain are regular spots.

W- Worst Habit

Rewatching Friends way too many times ha!

X- X-rays you’ve had

Two on my arm and a couple on my teeth randomly.

Y- Your Favourite food

Lasange defiantly.

Z- Zodiac sign