Here are my favourite lyrics from Madison's EP! If you enjoy this article make sure to check out her ep, it is available to stream on Spotify & on apple music etc. links at end


  • I give you so many shots but you're just drinking them all you never give it a thought
  • You can't live without me, then why aren't you dead yet? Why you still breathing?
  • It's nice to know you now, now that it all went down
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  • I know you've been hurting and I know I'm the reason why
  • Don't you know baby only fools stick around when the love is all gone
  • Such a fool for me
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  • So maybe it's my fault I always love, I love you too hard
  • I want you bad, that bad
  • I should use my heart less
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Tyler Durden

  • I'm in love with the fantasy
  • Only speaking vowels
  • I don't wanna see you go cause I like it
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Home with you

  • I ain't got no time for no games
  • So I do my thing and keep on ignoring
  • Have some respect, don't act like I'm blind, I can see your intent
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Teenager in love

  • You make me feel like a teenager in love, you make me feel like I'll be forever young
  • Told me you'd swoop me past midnight
  • Hearts in my eyes, strawberry skies
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Say it to my face

  • Just want some answers if I ask you but I know you'll never say it to my face
  • Cause you've been bluffin' behind those shades that I bought you
  • You're making a fool of me now
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Thank you do much for reading! feel free to check out Madison's Ep:

My next article will be my experience at the 'As She Pleases' tour so keep an eye out for that and I hope you enjoy the rest of your day!

Xo, Kirsty xx