Hello! This is my very first article on WeHeartIt. I've been wanting to write something but always ended up pressing the backspace of my keyboard because my idea's kind of limited. But I finally found a topic that I can talk hours about. This particular topic is actually very personal but I want to inspire people just like others.

Turning into A Better Person

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I've been thinking about this for a really long time now, which is becoming a better person with a positive point of view. There are tons of people that I've hurt through my inconsiderate words and actions and honestly, this still haunts me every night.

This is really hard, honestly. Changing is hard. I've tried a couple of times before but I ended up returning into my old self. But right now, I'm very determine to change. I will carefully choose my words before using them, think carefully before making any decision.

Instead of insulting others and making them look bad, I'd rather inspire them to become a person with class. A person with dignity. Instead of judging them and making them feel insecure, I'd rather be there for them and gain back their strength.

But obviously, before I start to inspire others, I need to change myself first. That's the very first step.

Listen, Don't Talk.

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Hey now, don't get me wrong. I would still voice out my opinion. But after I listen to others. It's just that, I've come to realize that I talk more instead of using my ears. It's very, very important for us to mute ourselves first before we start talking. This way, we'll get more information, a wider understanding of a topic and a better point of view.

This step is another huge step for me. But again, this way I will be able to know someone even better. Instead of making assumptions like I always do, I will try to ask first before blurting out things that actually doesn't exist. Or maybe, I will not even care at all since it's their problem and not mine. But of course, if they need someone to listen to, I will be there (been doing this for a while now and honestly, knowing the fact that I can help others by listening more makes me feel better. You guys should try this too).

Learning someone else's point of view is important for us to widen ours.

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Disclaimer; I am not encouraging you to become someone totally different. This is simply to encourage myself to become a better person.

Thanks for reading this! I hope you guys have a lovely day. If you're currently going through a bad phase in life, stay strong. I love you!

Will write a part 2! xx